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Ningxia Pingluo four table one meter acquisition success rate is 100%

Date:2017-05-26 16:52

The day before the electricity information collection system in Ningxia Pingluo company "four in one" water meter acquisition success rate was 100%, the success rate of the first to complete the company issued in 2017, "four tables in one meter acquisition target.
"Four table one" can effectively solve the water, electricity, gas and heating data acquisition problem, conduce to the establishment of water and electricity, gas and heating integrated payment platform, comprehensive and convenient residential customers, enhance the quality of service, reduce the cost of power enterprises, to provide protection for the construction of smart city.
       In 2017, Ningxia City, Pingluo County company in accordance with the "four table one" construction work requirements, in the consolidation of the 2016 "four form the basis of a construction, and the construction sector and property companies continue to actively communicate and coordinate, organization construction and acquisition personnel respectively in Huizhou Jingyuan and new world 2 District Department of finance the installation and debugging of 1690 households and 210 meter, with the 2 District 1900 water meter installation end and 100% successful, marking the Pingluo County in 2017," four tables and made one "construction work achievements.
      The next stage, Ningxia Pingluo County, the company will continue to increase the "four table of daily operation and collection of debugging work in one" construction, and strive to be within the jurisdiction of the existing 2278 meter acquisition success rate has remained above 99.5%, in order to improve the relevant indicators of benchmarking in the acquisition and lay a solid foundation.
(source: China Electric News Network)

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